In Wageningen, I teach the courses: Globalization in Historical Perspective (BSc Development Studies); Sustainability and Resilience in History (BSc, all programmes), International Economics: Trade and Development (BSc Economics and Governance), and: Politics of Development: States, Property and Resistance (MSc Development Studies); Economics of the Environment in Long-term Perspective (MSc Economics of Sustainability).

In previous years I also taught the courses: Introduction International Development Studies (BSc Development Studies); Economics and Governance in Historical Perspective (BSc Economics and Governance).

I was voted on the long list (Best 15) of the Wageningen Teacher of the Year Award in 2018 and 2019. In 2020 my course “Globalization in Historical Perspective” was nominated (with 3 other courses) for the prize of “Best Basic Course” of Wageningen University.

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